Permit and Licensing Services

  • Project Planning and Feasibility Studies

EMA provides new project environmental planning and regulatory support services. EMA also undertakes preliminary environmental assessment and project feasibility studies to identify possible "fatal flaws" due to project-related impacts and to determine if a proposed project has a reasonable potential for being successfully approved for development.

  • Permit Application Preparation and Permit Support Assessments

EMA prepares or provides experienced oversight of the preparation of all discretionary permit applications required for a project, including conditional use permits, waste discharge and water pollution permits, authority to construct air permits, NPDES/stormwater construction and operations permits, Clean Water Section 404 permits, SMARA, and plans of operation and right-of-way applications for projects on public lands.

  • Permit Acquisition Programs and Management

EMA undertakes comprehensive permit acquisition programs for all of the discretionary and ministerial permits typically required for project approval, construction and operations. EMA also prepares environmental support documentation needed for permits including agency specified environmental checklists and preliminary impact analyses needed for preliminary decision-making. EMA can also provide permit acquisition oversight on behalf of project development staff.

  • Regulatory and Permit Compliance Services

EMA evaluates existing projects and provides regulatory compliance assessments for both project owner/operators and project acquisition due diligence. EMA also provides regulatory management and reporting services needed to maintain operating facilities in compliance with applicable regulations and existing permits.

  • Site Closure and Reclamation

EMA undertakes site closure planning and permitting. EMA also provides assistance with site reclamation plan preparation and implementation.