Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Assessment Services

  • Regulatory Analysis and Permit Acquisition Services

EMA provides project-specific assessment of the air permits needed to construct and operate new projects. EMA also provides reviews of air permit applicability and requirements and evaluates the compliance status of existing facilities and projects.

  • Emission Inventories and Assessments

EMA evaluates existing or proposed emission sources and abatement equipment and calculates the anticipated air emissions that will occur from a facility or project using multiple air modeling tools and applying appropriate agency prescribed emission factors. EMA also undertakes criteria pollutant and hazardous air pollutant emission inventories and assessments, and provides dispersion and offsite consequence analysis modeling services.

  • Climate Change Emission Inventories and Assessments

EMA undertakes climate change analyses and prepares greenhouse gas emission inventories of proposed projects using URBEMIS and other approved models to calculate point source and vehicular greenhouse gas emissions.